And I think that since I’ve written a couple of articles documenting that it has gotten better. And but I think that, you know, because of the missteps and, and the rollout you know, people are. One of the things that I like about the law though, is that it provides the ability for the private sector to, to provide these services of auto conversion.

I mean, we’re, we’re going through a very volatile process, obviously where Bitcoin has lost a lot of value in the last year. You know, this thing’s gonna take decades to really start to change the world and it’s begun its journey, but it’s gonna be a long, long time. And in the meantime, people have to deal with the reality of today. Tesla shares are down 1.8% in the two days since Musk proposed proceeding with the deal, lagging the S&P 500 Index’s 1.8% advance over that time. The stock has lost 34% since Musk first disclosed a stake in the social-media giant on April 4.

The BJP may not want to throw its weight behind the complaint against Mevani, but the circumstances of the arrest suggest the Godse remark was merely a fig leaf. Locked up in a prison at the other end of the country, Mevani has been kept out of circulation at a crucial time for Gujarat. While his party colleague and the state police took such prompt action against Mevani, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, a rising star of the BJP, maintained a superb indifference. He did not even know who Mevani was, Sarma told the press hours after the arrest.

Recently, Anand Mahindra, who is the Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Mahindra & Mahindra Group, shared a video on Twitter highlighting the dark side of technology. A day after the social media business cut close to 50% of its workforce as part of new owner Elon Musk’s ambitious makeover plan, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologised to the company’s staff today. He expressed sorrow over having too fast expanded the microblogging platform. “Even if the Blinkit acquisition pans out, it is an open question whether Zomato can continue to deliver growth effectively and efficiently through this acquisition-driven strategy, using its own shares as currency, especially as it scales up,” he said.

According to some human rights activists, more than 100 prisoners were killed in 2020. As per the media reports, the prisons of Ecuador are under the internal control of prison guides, with minimal preparation. Police can only access prisons in case of emergency. Nearly two weeks after a bloody fight among inmates at a prison in central Ecuador killed at least 16, another explosive attack killed five police officers. This time, the police have been deployed against an opposition leader in a state going to polls in a few months.

Twitter performing very slow in India, says Elon Musk

The Assam Police have not yet explained why mere tweets drew such serious charges, especially when they do not seem to have led to actual unrest. But by now it is established that Modi’s detractors do not share the same freedom of speech as his supporters. Zurita the poet began his journey during the infamous military coup of 11 September 1973 in Chile. Augusto Pinochet, the then commander-in-chief of the Chilean army, marched out on the streets to overthrow the ruling democratic party and establish dictatorship until 1990, murdering and torturing people on a mass scale.

An online replay will be available at the same … As Delta continues to invest in improving every aspect of the travel experience, customers are getting a taste of the future today. One example is that customers traveling direct to an international destination can choose to use facial recognition technology to board flights in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, New …

But what I really wanna say is that thanks, Alex. I think, you know, We probably have a lot more in common than, than, than we do. And, and contrast, you know, I myself left El Salvador because my human rights and my, my father’s human rights he paid a dear price were violated. So human rights are extremely important to me. Misinformation is shared as a result in byproduct.

Jignesh Mevani arrest shows Modi’s critics don’t have the same freedom of speech as his supporters

Delta is applying AI-driven machine learning to decision science on a scale that’s never been done before by an airline, to supplement industry’s best operational decision makers. Proprietary environment uses Delta’s historical data to nimbly simulate operating challenges and provide likely outcomes to lessen customer impact. Innovative architecture will make … Delta Air Lines customers traveling to CES 2020 will fly carbon neutral.

And there was a lot of fear involved tutoring that period because people didn’t know exactly what was going on and everybody was trying to figure it out. Delta Air Lines will hold a live conference call and webcast to discuss its December quarter and full year 2019 financial results at 10 a.m. A live webcast of this event will be available at

The details of the first information report that formed the basis for Mevani’s arrest are still not clear. But he has been denied bail and cannot be transferred out of Kokrajhar for the time being. On Nathuram Godse, the Bharatiya Janata Party has usually maintained a happy ambiguity. Terror-accused BJP member of Parliament Pragya Thakur famously called Gandhi’s killer a patriot”. Other assorted BJP leaders, including Lok Sabha legislator Sakshi Maharaj, have also shared glowing praise of Godse. In 1979, Zurita founded CADA , an artists’ collective, along with visual artists Lotty Rosenfeld and Juan Castillo, sociologist Fernando Balcells and novelist Diamela Eltit.

What’s next for the Elon Musk-Twitter deal?

They, whatever they, they earn, they have to spend El Salva, there’s a high propensity to spend kind country Bitcoin parlance it’s time preference for sure. But in general, I’m not that I’m not that critical of how he’s approached Bitcoin. I think it’s smart for the solvent or government to buy Bitcoin. I, I, I don’t have a lot of issues in this area.

On the day of the coup, 22-year-old Zurita was arrested with 800 others, for studying in a leftist university. For six weeks they were crammed in a dingy room meant only for 100. An engineer by education, Zurita has dedicated his life to poetry about those who suffer. For him, the arts should engage with humanity. “I doubt if a true artist can remain the same after watching the news on television. The refugees, now Syrians, show the horrors of the world, and a work of art is about the horrors of the world, not its beauty.

NCPI pitches UPI AutoPay for Twitter blue tick; Paytm sees smart-money exodus

I know that hindsight’s 2020, but generally speaking, I think just sort of just saying, Hey, you don’t have to pick capital gains on Bitcoin when you live. I think there’s probably forces beyond his control that are preventing from him, from executing on that macro environment is not great. I think mining is great, really happy to see hopefully the Salvador government and society take advantage of the geothermal power that’s been sort of, you know, not used.

And the one I will pull on is Singapore, regardless of the approach of the prime minister and how long he held power and his approach and toughness against drug and drug users and drug dealers. So what is the higher level topic or the point that, that is that we’re sort of discussing? I think that Alex, you made the, what to me feels like a very reasonable point like this this, the law that, that is apparently saying that there’s basically you, you can receive to 10 years in prison for reporting on gangs.

I mean, imprisoning tens of thousands of people certainly is on the extreme end. I mean, we, we, we could be very critical about like, I live in California. I mean, no one was arrested here for there. He got tired Oligopoly Definition and couldn’t really squeeze more justification for extreme measures out COVID. Actually, if you look at the chronology of it Then he was locking up tens of thousands of people, tens of thousands of people here.

If this is the case than the decline in ad impressions due to the mix shift from desktop to mobile is actually way worse than the reported 17% yoy year decline. Similar to the scenario I made earlier if the # of advertisers is held constant yoy what’s the change yoy in revenue growth. The exact opposite trend drove results than what we discussed last night. # of ad impressions actually decline by 17% year over year and was off set by revenue per impression being up 118%.

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If its the latter ie click through rates than its enormously positive because higher click through rates are highly correlated with better ROI which leads to ad spending. If its due to higher prices per click I would be concerned and want to understand advertiser cohort analysis ie of those that advertised last year on mobile how much did their yoy spend increase this year. The drop in prices came after Meta — the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Meta Quest — revealed its first-ever sequential decline in Facebook’s daily active users. While this was the first drop in daily active users, a key growth metric, since the company was founded in 2004, Facebook remains Meta’s biggest app. The Facebook share slide comes on the back of the social media company missing Wall Street earnings estimates and posting a weaker-than-expected revenue growth forecast in the next quarter.

The company’s shares ended the day at Rs 43.95 on Wednesday, having lost more than three-fourths of its worth. When finance professor Aswath Damodaran estimated Zomato’s stock price will level out at Rs 41 a piece, not too many people believed that would happen. And just, just, you know, be skeptical of what you hear out there. And Bitcoin land is that, is that bouquet is this sort of like awesome, cool hip hero guy. It’s a lot more complicated than that. And at the end of the day, Bitcoin is very important, but it, it’s obviously only one aspect of life and it takes a lot of time to work.

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